03/29/2020 – Thank You Letter To The Congregation

Hello Church,

It was very encouraging to see and meet with everyone today.  Hopefully, we will be able to use these tools to keep in touch and be unified in every way possible.  We look forward to the time when we can be together in person and be able to express our love and care with hugs and ‘holy’ kisses.  

We thank each one of you for your participation and we pray each one has been spiritually uplifted by our meeting today.  We anticipate more meetings and more participation, as we develop our skills to communicate better.  

At this point, these gatherings will consist of Praying together, preaching/teaching God’s word and info sharing. The recommendation is that members use other means to fulfill the other acts of worship. 

Singing- the congregations’ website has a tab with links to Hymns 

Offering- to fulfill the commandment of giving, members may send an offering check to the building.

If you need help with joining these meetings, please contact Leonard Ghee (510.860.9778 or leonardghee@yahoo.com).

Thank you, Leonard, and thank you, Dennis  Your participation makes this possible.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with talent, resources and your eternal love for all mankind.

El Portal Church of Christ Leadership

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