March 24, 2020 – All Members

Hello to All Members,
We are hoping you have been able to stay healthy and you are focused on staying connected with your brothers and sisters.
We hope you are making use of the phone, emails, and texts, just as others are doing.
It is important that we refrain from meeting together physically at this time.
  • The building is closed and access is very limited to office personnel only. 
  • Members are asked to worship in your own homes at this time.
  • Gatherings of ‘any’ size are prohibited at this time.
Steps are being taken to provide us with teleconferencing and videoconferencing, so that we can still meet together from our own homes.  We can be together in spirit, even if we cannot be together physically.  We hope you will access these methods of contact.
Also, if you are wondering about scriptural references about following government orders, there’s a good lesson from the Forest Hill church of Christ on YouTube.  Entitled:  Even Manning A Christian’s Responsibility to the Government.  It’s 30:05 minutes.  Here’s the video:
May God bless us in our cooperation during this crisis,
El Portal Church of Christ Leadership 
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