What God Has To Say About Baptist – by Ben Bailey

Enjoy this 7-Part Series entitled “what God Has To Say About Baptist” by Ben Bailey who is an native of Texas and the preacher for the Central Church of Christ in McMinnville, TN.

“As we think today about the subject of baptism, we want to let the Scripture teach us what God says on the mode of baptism. By mode we mean, is baptism by sprinkling? Many people in various religious groups when a baby’s born and it’s just barely old enough, they will take that baby and sprinkle a little water on him and call that baptism. Others may take a cup or a handful of water and pour it on someone’s head. Then there is the idea as well that baptism is immersion, full body immersion.” – Ben Bailey…

Gospel Seminar Event - May 3 thru 5, 2019

Confronting Cultural Confusion – A seminar that Challenges the Church to Embrace Holiness and Deny Ungodliness

Eric Lyons is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, where he earned a B.S. with a double major in Bible and history, and an M.Min. Eric has served as a full-time member of the Bible Department at Apologetics Press since 2001. 

During this weekend, he will speak on the following topics:

May 3, 2019

7pm – 7:45pm: Session 1 - Calling “Evil Good, and Good Evil"

8pm – 8:45pm: Session 2 - Four Questions Everyone Must Ask

May 4, 2019

1pm – 1:45pm: Session 3 - Are You a Person of Integrity? (Part 1)

2pm – 2:45pm: Session 4 - Are You a Person of Integrity? (Part 2)

3pm – 3:45pm: Session 5 - Retaining Reverence for God in Disrespectful Times

4pm – 4:45pm: Session 6 - Pressing Toward the Prize…Leaving Sin Behind

May 5, 2019 - Sunday Morning Service

9:45am - 10:30am: Session 7 - Winning Souls with Genuine Christian Living

10:45am - 12:00pm: Session 8 - The Supremacy of God’s Support

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