New Testament Miracles – Their Purpose And Duration

By: Bruce A. Brown


A. Miracles were the means by which God:

  1. Authenticated (or, established the identity) of those sent by Him–And–
  2. Demonstrated their message to be His inspired word.

B. In the ministry of Jesus–Miracles confirmed His Identity and message,

  • John 3:2
  • John 20:30-31

C.  In the ministry of the  apostles–Miracles confirmed their identity and message,

  • Mark 16:20
  • Acts 14:3
  • Heb. 2:3-4

D.  Miracles served as proof that the words spoke came directly from God.

  1. The miracles and the message were inseparably connected (or, linked).
  2. Divine acts of power demonstrated the divine inspiration of the speaker– They confirmed the word as being divinely given!

E.  Therefore:

  1. Miracles lasted only as long as inspired revelation was being given to men.
  2. When the revelation (contained in New Testament scripture) was completed, miracles ceased!
  3. There was no further need for miracles once the process of revelation had been completed and miraculously confirmed as the word of God.

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