The Purpose Was Accomplished

II.  The Purpose Was Accomplished

A.  It is sometimes asserted that the word of God still additional confirmation.

  1.  This claim, however, is not correct.
    • a.  It actually contradicts the teaching of scripture.
    • b.  Biblical teaching insists that any covenant (whether it is a covenant, or testament, of men or of God) is fully established, and cannot be altered, once it has been confirmed, – Gal. 3:15
      1. (1)  Even the covenants (legal agreements or contracts) made between men, once confirmed, need no additional  confirmation.
      2. (2)  The Bible uses this very illustration to demonstrate the immutability (or, unchanging nature) of God’s confirmed covenants with men.
    • c.  The New Testament is such a covenant.
      • (1)  It stands confirmed and never needs to be reconfirmed.
      • (2)  It has within its pages the record of its confirmation though the miraculous signs performed by Jesus and his apostles.
      • (3)  This evidence is sufficient to prove the validity of the testament itself, along with the identities of Jesus and his apostles, and the truthfulness of their message.
  2.  No amount of human reasoning or rationalization about a supposed need for present day confirmation can change the Biblical teaching of the sufficiency of the confirmation already provided.

B.  New Testament miracles were for the purpose of confirming this testament (or, covenant) as being established by God.

  1.  The New Testament was fully confirmed in the first century.
  2.  It can never be altered.
    • It cannot be added to, nor subtracted from.
    • It, therefore, needs no further confirmation.
  3.  It stands perpetually confirmed!

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